Moin und Willkommen!


Becoming naturalized in the marvelous country of East Frisia is not very difficult. Besides the agreement in our highest value - the frisian freedom - you just have to answer the following questions. More than one answer per question is possibile!

Lets start with the questions! Multiple choices are possible, sometimes even necessary!

East Frisia is located...
at the North Sea.
west of North Frisia.
east of North Frisia.
Knowledge of language:
I speak Plattdüsk.
I understand Plattdüsk.
I know somebody who speaks Plattdüsk.
East Frisian weather is...
flat and stormy.
sunny and stubborn.
more with rain.
I drink tea...
when no beer is available.
almost never.
with Kluntjes and creme..
Tea is growing...
at low tide in the wadden sea.
at plantations in India.
at Bünting behind the courtyard.
Please finish the following sentence:
Snugness and Frisia go together, a cup of... in any weather.
TierThis animal...
I know it!
is a horse.
is a cow.
I never have seen it before.
n East Frisia this animal...
s used in the agrarian sector.
is worshiped as a god.
is used as a present on marriages
May favorite animal
is the and it is called .
I already was in...
East Frisia.
If I was once in Bavaria, then because I...
am an Bavarian!.
I was on a trip to Austria.
I got lost.