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East Frisian Sports

Think East Frisian sports consist of tidelands olympics and teabag throwing? Think again.
Over the centuries Frisians developed a few very special olympic games, and when they’re practising, boy there is not much to be felt of the proverbial Northern coolness. A short introduction to the most important East Frisian games:

icon_bosseln Boßeln is the most well-known game to be played in Frisia. There are car drivers around who can tell you a story or two about it…
icon_klootschiessen Klootschiessen is the oldest game, some say it goes back even to the time of the Romans! (Who got involved in a very special way…)
icon_pultstockspringen Pultstockspringen was the ideal way of taking yourself across East Frisian ditches in former times. Fun and schadenfreude are close during matches in our days.
icon_kreierrennen Kreierrennen (Kreier racing) is a typical tidelands game. The vehicles that served fishermen before are used in muddy competitions today.